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A Jewish Community Center exists in Plovdiv as well. It is part of the umbrella organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”. The JCC offers a number of programs, events, and happenings for its members and friends.

Аt the beginning of the 21st century, the only Jewish organization in the city has about 400 people from all age groups. The JCC is located in a four-story building ten minutes walk from the synagogue. Organizational life is on its rise, there is a youth center, clubs of interest and many other diverse projects.

Тhe Jewish presence in Plovdiv dates back to the 2nd century AD. Back then the community was comprised of Jewish merchants, part of the Roman Empire. Before the Big Aliyah 1948-1949 in Plovdiv there were around 6000 jews, having two synagogues, two schools, a Community center /Beit Am/, cemetery, a couple of Youth organizations. During the Second World War, the Bulgarian Jews were saved from certain death. The salvation was connected with a number of dramatic events with some of the most important of them taking place in Plovdiv. On 10th of March 1943, a large group of Plovdiv Jews was forcibly collected at the Jewish school prepared to be deported. Metropolitan Cyril of Plovdiv Orthodox Church came personally after he was called by some ordinary citizens, to the school and shocked from the picture that he saw, he told the Jewish people, that if they are loaded on the wagons he will lie under the train rails.

Couple of hours after the Bulgarian Orthodox Church protested these measures to King Boris III, the Jews were released. Fifty years later and a Monument of Gratitude was built

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Synagogue Visit and Tour

The synagogue is open on High holidays and Kabbalat Shabbat services.

We are available for visiting groups and tourists (please write us a message at least 1 day before your visit in the Sign Up form or via WhatsApp).

*If you are a private tourist please register online for a visit and take a valid
passport or ID card with you.

People without a valid passport or ID card will not be permitted to enter the complex.

You can also book a Secret Jewish Tour of Plovdiv online from here or at www.plovdivsecrettours.com


Entrance Fee for the Synagogue

Adult: 2 lv.  

Children below the age of 7: free entrance


Participation fee for the Secret Jewish Tour of Plovdiv (partner organization) 

Adult: 20 lv.

Student or a senior: 15 lv.

Children below the age of 7: free admission