Secret Jewish Tour

Plovdiv Municipality

Plovdiv Roman Stadium

Plovdiv Dondukov Garden

Plovdiv Jewish Monument of Gratitude

Plovdiv Synagogue

The Secret Jewish Tour
Of Plovdiv organized by the “Living Heritage A-Z” foundation is a unique for the country experience where the guests of the city can explore and take an insight of a 2000-year-old community heroically saved during the Holocaust.
Starting from the Byzantine times through Ottoman rule until nowadays the rich and colorful Sephardic
community occupied an important role in the city’s life and society.
The Secret Jewish Tour
of Plovdiv will present you the living history of the neighborhood and the community, the
relationships and mentality of the Bulgarian-Sephardic Jewry as well the story of survival,
salvation, and revival in the last 70 plus years.
The Secret Jewish Tour of Plovdiv is an
opportunity to hear and experience the unordinary and little known history of the Jews in
the oldest living city of Europe.
The tour is a cultural initiative organized by the “Living Heritage A-Z” Foundation with the help and support of the Plovdiv Synagogue, Plovdiv Municipality, Plovdiv ECC 2019. A part of your participation fee goes for Tzedakkah/Charity. 

Pricing for the tour: Adult 20 lv. Senior or Student 15 lv. Children: Free admission

First Location

In front of Plovdiv Municipality

Second Location

Roman Stadium

Third Location

Dondukov Garden

Fourth Location

Jewish Monument of Gratitude

Fifth Location

Unity Square /

Ploshtad Saydinenie

Sixth Location

Orta Mezar- the historic Jewish neighborhood

Working Hours

After a prescheduled visit

Soon Daily Work Hours

Saturday & Sunday

After a pre-scheduled visit


(+359) 883401840 (WhatsApp, Viber)



Plovdiv 4003
Eliezer Kalev str. №6

Synagogue Visit and Tour

The synagogue is open on High holidays and Kabbalat Shabbat services.

We are available for visiting groups and tourists (please write us a message at least 1 day before your visit in the Sign Up form or via WhatsApp).

*If you are a private tourist please register online for a visit and take a valid
passport or ID card with you.

People without a valid passport or ID card will not be permitted to enter the complex.

You can also book a Secret Jewish Tour of Plovdiv online from here or at


Entrance Fee for the Synagogue

Adult: 2 lv.  

Children below the age of 7: free entrance


Participation fee for the Secret Jewish Tour of Plovdiv (partner organization) 

Adult: 20 lv.

Student or a senior: 15 lv.

Children below the age of 7: free admission