Plovdiv’s Synagogue

Jewish History of Plovdiv

There is a strong Jewish presence in Plovdiv and the region since the 4th century AD up till today. You can find a preserved mosaic of the ancient Plovdiv synagogue in the Regional Historical Museum and a number of signs in Hebrew in the neighboring town of Asenovgrad. Moreover, Plovdiv was the economic, historical and cultural center of the region during all these centuries, being a crossroad for trade, cultures, and civilizations

Unique Atmosphere

Preserving a unique atmosphere of tolerance and brotherhood the Bulgarian Jews were heroically saved by the ordinary Bulgarian people during the Holocaust right before being deported to certain death. Plovdiv and its citizens play a crucial role in this unique story.

A Pillar

During the years the synagogue in Plovdiv was the most important pillar of Jewishness in the city and a trademark for Plovdiv’s tolerance and respect to all religions. Zion synagogue hosted David Ben Gurion and Chaim Weizman in 1947

Socialist Era
(1945 – 1989)

During the Socialist rule of Bulgaria, the temple was used as a warehouse and a number of residential buildings were built around it. An idea to turn the synagogue into a gallery was in process when the fall of Communism came and the Jewish community regains the control of the temple.


The revival of the Plovdiv synagogue began in 1996 by a number of Plovdiv youths inspired by their roots and history. The synagogue was fully renovated in 2003 with funds raised by the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad and the Hanadiv Charitable Foundation.

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Synagogue Visit and Tour

The synagogue is open on High holidays and Kabbalat Shabbat services.

We are available for visiting groups and tourists (please write us a message at least 1 day before your visit in the Sign Up form or via WhatsApp).

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